Charlesworth and Percy on Negligence by C.T. Walton – 14th South Asian Edition 2021

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Charlesworth and Percy on Negligence by C.T. Walton – 14th South Asian Edition 2021

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We have looked again at the arrangement of chapters for this edition and, with a degree of reluctance, decided on some further change. “Reluctance” because lawyers tend to be a conservative profession and there is some comfort in finding the same topic dealt with in the same chapter of a familiar textbook from year to year. Even so, the law moves on and so must we. In particular there has been a striking development of the law of vicarious liability over recent times which the text should reflect. That subject was felt to merit its own chapter, which Stephen Todd has provided, including much new material and deleting references that had become of historical interest only. Stephen has also provided new writing in the Illegality section of the Defences chapter and revised Chapters 2 and 7. Richard Hyde has revised Parties, most of the Defences chapter, Proof and Damages, Product Liability and Death. RALE Mark Armitage has brought up to date the chapters on Professional Negligence, Employers’ Liability, Breach of Statutory Duty and Insurance. Roger Cooper has taken on Highways and Dangerous Things. Philip Kramer has dealt with Occupiers’ Liability and Animals. The careful reader will be able to work out the small portion that has fallen to the writer.

Table of Contents
Part 1 : General Principles
1. The Meaning of Negligence
2. The Duty to take care
3. Parties and Vicarious Liability
4. Principles Defences and Discharges from Liability
5. Causation and Remoteness of Damage
6. Proof and Damages
7.Vicarious Liability and Non-Delegable duties
Part 2 : Standard of Care
8. The Standard of Care
9. Dangerous Permises
10. Persons Professing some Special Skill
11. Highways and Transport
12. Employment at Common Law
Part 3 : Statutory Duty
13. Liability for Breach of Statutory duty
Part 4 : Absolute or Strict Laibility
14. Dangerous Thing: Rylands v Fletcher
15. Animals
16. Product Liability
Part 5 : Death
17. Death and Causes of Action
Part 6 : Miscellaneous Matters
18. Insurance and other Compensation Schemes

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