Clerk & Lindsell on Torts – 22nd South Asian Edition 2021

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Clerk & Lindsell on Torts – 22nd South Asian Edition 2021

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This 22nd edition comes three years after the last edition, and the text has been brought fully up to date. There have not been any major structural changes for this edition, though there have been some changes to the editorial team. Our thanks go to Adam Speker for his invaluable assistance with chapter 22 (Defamation) in the 21st edition, and especially to Gillian Davies who has also retired from the team. Gillian has been with us since the 20th edition. We are pleased to welcome back Korieh Duodu, who joins Felicity McMahon in dealing chapter 22. Gwilym Harbottle, of Hogarth Chambers, has taken over responsibility for chapter 25 (Statutory Intellectual Property Rights) together with Ben Longstaff, also of Hogarth Chambers, who had been providing assistance to Gillian with the chapter. There have been few legislative changes since the 21st edition. It may be that Parliament has had its eye on matters European rather than domestic, though at this time working out the implications of Brexit for tort claims is an undertaking for the future. The Trade Union Act 2016 has further restricted the position of trade unions contemplating industrial action, and the Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Act 2015 illustrates, yet again (see s.1 of the Compensation Act 2006), the consequences of Parliament reacting to the moral panic of a so-called “compensation culture” fomented by the popular press. It might be thought that there are more pressing matters to be addressed than legislation to deal with non- existent legal problems. Perhaps the most significant piece of legislation, at least for personal injury practitioners, is also the shortest, namely the Damages (Personal Injury) Order 2017/206 reducing the discount rate for calculating future loss to minus 0.75 per cent. At a stroke, awards of damages for more seriously injured claimants have been radically increased.

Chapter 01 :  Principles of Liability in Torts
Chapter 02 :  Causation in Torts : General Principles
Chapter 03 :  General Defences
Chapter 04 :  Joint Liability and contribution
Chapter 05 :  Capacity and parties
Chapter 06 :  Vicarious Liability
Chapter 07 :  Foreign Torts
Chapter 08 :  Negligence
Chapter 09 :  Breach of statutory duties
Chapter 10 :  Professional Liability
Chapter 11 :  Product liability and consumer protection
Chapter 12 :  Occupiers’ Liability and defective premises
Chapter 13 :  Employers’ Liability
Chapter 14 :  Public service Liability
Chapter 15 :  Trespass to the person
Chapter 16 :  Malicious Prosecution
Chapter 17 :  Wrongful Interference with goods
Chapter 18 :  Deceit
Chapter 19 :  Trespass to land and Dispossession
Chapter 20 :  Nuisance and Rylands v Fletcher
Chapter 21 :  Animals
Chapter 22 :  Defamation
Chapter 23 :  Malicious Falsehood
Chapter 24 :  Economic Torts
Chapter 25 :  Statutory Intellectual Property Rights
Chapter 26 :  Passing Off
Chapter 27 :  Breach of confidence and Privacy
Chapter 28 :  Damages
Chapter 29 :  Self-Help
Chapter 30 :  Discharge of Torts
Chapter 31 :  Limitation

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