BELIEVE IN MEDIATION by Kishore Jaiswal – Edition 2024

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BELIEVE IN MEDIATION by Kishore Jaiswal – Edition 2024

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The Mediation Act, 2023 provides for reference of disputes to mediation to reduce costs for litigants and also speed up the litigation process. Judges and lawyers therefore need to know about the process of mediation. The book is in simple language, with recent judicial pronouncements clarifying the concepts and emphasizing the fact that mediation is about settling cases.

Mediation is one of the additional dispute resolution mechanisms which helps parties to resolve disputes amicably. This book gives an insight into what mediation is and how it is conducted. It gives details of the procedures being followed in a very lucid and crisp format providing readers the basic understanding of the mediation process, the communication skills and negotiations techniques involved, legal framework and judicial pronouncements.

Key Features
• Covers stages in mediation, role of mediators and role of referral Judges.
• Explores the use of mediator evaluation, techniques of neutral reframing, body language and
other areas included to assist mediators in achieving the best results.
• Explains how mediators should deal with dead-lock situations or impasse and prescribes
techniques to break impasse.
• Provides guidance on establishing a mediation practice and negotiation techniques
• Discusses confidentiality and ethics in mediation and also addresses the use of mediation in
matrimonial disputes and commercial disputes.
• Gives details of understanding perception and conflict and its management.
• Covers the Mediation Act, 2023, details of mediation centres in India and latest judicial

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