Limited Government and Judicial Review (Tagore Law Lectures) by D D Basu

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Key Highlights • This book is a compilation of classic scholarly essays and contemporary essays on “Limited Government and Judicial Review”. • Reproduces the prestigious Tagore Law Lectures delivered in 1968-69 by late Dr DD Basu on the subject of “Limited Government and Judicial Review”. • Also provides fresh essays, covering the development of law up to date, as well as analyzing and elaborating on Dr Basu’s original views. • Includes essays on the roles of the government, judiciary and the constitution and is meant for Senior Advocates, Judges, Lawmakers, as well as any legal academician. • The major theme of this compilation of work is – How in a constitutional form of government judicial review helps in ensuring the concept of Limited Government. • 9 brilliant lectures have been compiled to discuss the crucial issues related to ‘constitutionalism’, giving a rich understanding of the historical, philosophical, moral, and political dimensions of the mechanism of control of power. • Critical study of the Indian case laws, done in the light of comparative experiences, will prove to be of great value to the reader. • Written with great respect and love for the Constitution, this book aims to broad-base the support to the supreme law in the very bosom of society. • This new compilation surveys the constitutional developments since the first publication of the original lectures of Dr D D Basu, and links the valuable experience with the original version of the Lectures. • The contribution of judicial review on issues relating to limits of amending power, effect of unconstitutionality, doctrines of constitutional interpretations, due process of law and expropriation of property, has been discussed in the supplementary essays by Professor Ishwara Bhatt, keeping in mind the lines of reasoning which the original author had sketched. • This book attempts at intelligent trend analysis to provide a new insight about the direction of future development and transcends to addressing the questions of control of power, and looks to the ubiquitous spread of power in modern society and also the imbalances that need to be handled with difference, by harnessing for transformative aims.

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