EBC’s Lectures on Administrative Law by C. K. Takwani – 7th Edition

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EBC’s Lectures on Administrative Law by C. K. Takwani – 7th Edition 2021.

EBC’s Lectures on Administrative Law by C. K. Takwani – 7th Edition 2021.


Lectures on Administrative Law by Justice C.K. Thakker (Takwani) is the most sought after work on this subject among law students and members of the Bar.

The work presents the fundamental principles of administrative law as they have developed through the judicial process. Taking into account the recent trend of the law courts, principles of natural justice, doctrine of judicial review and judicial remedies have been discussed in detail with reference to decided cases.

The present Seventh Edition has taken note of development on the subject in India and also in foreign countries. Case law up to January 2021 has been included along with addition of certain new topics. Further, a new feature of Suggested Readings is included which is a compilation of articles by legal luminaries to widen the scope of discussion.

This book will be immensely useful to students of LL B and LL M, administrators, judges, advocates, researchers and those interested in acquiring knowledge of this subject.

Table Of Contents:

Table of Cases


1. Introduction

2. Basic Constitutional Principles

3. Classification of Administrative Actions

4. Delegated Legislation (General Principles)

5. Delegated Legislation (Controls and Safeguards)

6. Natural Justice

7. Administrative Tribunals

8. Judicial Review of Administrative Discretion

9. Judicial and Other Remedies

10. Liability of Government

11. Public Corporations


Suggested Readings Chapterwise

Subject Index

About the author:

Chunilal Karsandas Thakker (born 10 November 1943) is a retired judge of the Supreme Court of India. Justice Thakker was born at Mander near Porbandar in the State of Gujarat.

Thakker was appointed as part-time Lecturer in Law in Sir L.A. Shah Law College, Ahmedabad, in 1970 and continued as such until he was elevated to Judge of the High Court of Gujarat on 21 June 1990. He was also Acting Governor of the State of Maharashtra from July to October 2002. Thakker was appointed as a judge of the Supreme Court of India on 7 June 2004

He has written books “Lectures on Administrative Law”, “Civil Procedure” and “Criminal Procedure” which have been appreciated in India as well as in U.S.A. Also revised V. G. Ramchandran’s monumental work “Law of Writs” (1993) and Ratanlal & Dhirajlal’s “Law of Crimes” (2002) (Silver Jubilee Edition).


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