Gold & Taxation by Meenakshi Subramaniam – 2nd Edition 2023

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Gold & Taxation by Meenakshi Subramaniam – 2nd Edition 2023

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The one-of-a-kind book on Gold & Taxes is the first book in this domain, written in simple & lucid language, with plenty of examples, case studies & tables.

Any person being a buyer, seller, or investor would not like to face a heavy tax burden while fondly handling the shining, yellow gold. This book will be helpful for all tax practitioners, advocates, trade associations, jewellers, investors, and the common man & woman.

This book provides complete guidance on how to save taxes on gold, and the law stated in this book is amended up to 15th April 2023. Key features of this book are as follows:

  • [New Additions] include the following:
    • New Cases
    • Updated Tables
    • Amended Laws are written in an easy-to-understand format
  • [Complete Coverage] of all aspects of Gold & Taxation
  • [Relevant GST Principles] such as composition scheme, Input tax credit, have also been incorporated in the discussions
  • [Examples, Cases and Tables] are included for easy understanding
  • [Tips to Save Taxes] at the end of various chapters have also been incorporated
  • The contents of this book are as follows:
    • How much Gold can you Hold?
    • Search, Seizure & Income Tax
    • Digital Search
    • Gold Monetisation Scheme
    • Sovereign Gold Bonds
    • Undisclosed & Unexplained Gold
    • Gold ETF
    • Gold Coins
    • Capital Gains Tax
    • Valuation of Gold
    • Traders & Gold
    • Inheriting Gold
    • Gold & Silver Utensils
    • Stridhan
    • Gold & GST
    • GST & Gold Traders
    • Appendices
      • Historical Gold & Silver Rates
      • Cost Inflation Index for Gold, sold after 1-4-2017, notified by CBDT on 14-6-2022 for the financial year 2001-02 and subsequent years
      • GST Tariff
      • GST Forms for gold traders
      • Specialised GST Forms for gold traders
      • GST form automatically generated after filing form

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