V.D. Mahajan’s Constitutional Law of India Edition 2023

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This edition provides an exhaustive commentary on the Indian constitutional law with a holistic analysis of the latest developments. A remarkable feature of the book is Dr Jain’s contribution in the field of interpretation of constitutional text through the newly introduced Chapter 37, which is reflective of his expertise in the subjects of constitutional law and statutory interpretation and his 25 years of teaching experience.

Table of Cases
Article-wise Contents
Prof. Upendra Baxi: Notes Toward Disability Rights and Constitutionalism

1. Introduction
2. Nature and Salient Features of the Constitution
3. The Preamble of the Constitution
4. The Union and Its Territory
5. Citizenship
6. Fundamental Rights in General and Concepts of State and Law
7. Right to Equality in General (Article 14)
8. Right to Equality (Articles 15–18)
9. Freedoms of Citizens of India under Article 19
10. Protection to Accused Persons (Article 20)
11. Protection of Life and Personal Liberty (Article 21)
12. Protection against Arrest and Detention (Article 22)
13. Right against Exploitation (Articles 23 and 24)
14. Right to Freedom of Religion (Articles 25–28)
15. Cultural and Educational Rights (Articles 29 and 30)
16. Right to Property
17. Constitutional Remedies and Writs in India
18. Limitations on Fundamental Rights
19. Directive Principles of State Policy
20. Fundamental Duties
21. The Union and State Executive (Articles 52–78 and Articles 153–167)
22. Parliament and State Legislatures (Articles 79–123 and Articles 168–213)
23. The Union Judiciary (The Supreme Court of India — Articles 124–147)
24. State Judiciary
25. The Scheduled Areas, North East Constitutionalism and Constitutionalism of Jammu and Kashmir
26. Relations Between the Union and the States
27. Property, Contracts, Rights, Liabilities, Obligations and Suits
28. Freedom of Trade, Commerce and Intercourse
29. Services under the Union and the States
30. Tribunals
31. Elections
32. Special Provisions Relating to Certain Classes
33. Official Language of the Union
34. Emergency Provisions
35. Power and Procedure of Amendment of the Constitution
36. Constitutional Amendments
37. Interpretation of the Constitution

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