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Taxmann’s Master Guide To Income tax Rules – 29th Edition 2022.

Taxmann’s Master Guide To Income tax Rules – 29th Edition 2022.


This unique book provides an in-depth Rule-wise commentary on the Income Tax Rules, 1962.

The Present Publication is the 29th Edition, incorporating all the amendments till the Income-tax (Second Amendment) Rules, 2022. Taxmann’s Editorial Board authors this book with the following coverage:

  • [Detailed Analysis] on every Rule of Income Tax Rules, 1962
  • [Statutory Background of the Section] which delegates the power to the Central Board of Direct Taxes to notify the Rule
  • [Simplified Language] to explain each provision of the Rules
  • [Gist of All Circulars and Notifications] issued by the Department in each Rule, which are still in force
  • [Income-tax Compliances] to be done in each Rule

The detailed coverage of the book is as follows:

  • Rule 2A – House rent allowance
  • Rule 2B – Leave travel concession
  • Rule 2BA – Amount received on voluntary retirement
  • Rule 2BB – Special allowances Rule 2BBA – Family pension to heirs of members of Armed Forces
  • Rule 2BBB – Percentage of Govt. grant for considering university, etc., as substantially financed by Govt. for purposes of section 10(23C)
  • Rule 2BC – Exemption for income of universities/educational institutions/hospitals, etc.
  • Rule 2C – Charitable or religious institutions/Educational institutions/Hospitals
  • Rule 2DB & 2DC – Sovereign Wealth Fund/Pension Fund
  • Rule 2DD – Computation of exempt income of Specified Fund for the purposes of section 10(23FF)
  • Rule 2F – Guidelines for setting up Infrastructure Debt Fund
  • Rule 3 – Valuation of perquisites
  • Rule 3A – Exemption to medical benefits/perquisites
  • Rule 3B – Provident Fund, Annual Accretion referred to in section 17(2)(viia)
  • Rule 4 – Unrealised rent
  • Rule 5 – Depreciation
  • Rule 5AC – Tea/Coffee/Rubber development account
  • Rule 5AD – Site restoration fund
  • Rule 5C to 5E – Scientific Research Associations – Guidelines, conditions, etc., in respect of approval under clauses (ii) and (iii) of section 35(1)
  • Rule 5CA – Scientific Research Associations – Intimation under fifth proviso to section 35(1)
  • Rule 5F – Scientific Research Associations – Guidelines, conditions, etc., in respect of approval under clause (iia) of section 35(1)
  • Rule 5G – Tax on income from patent
  • Rule 6 – Scientific research, expenditure on
  • Rule 6A – Expenditure for obtaining right to use spectrum for telecommunication services
  • Rule 6AAC – Expenditure on conservation of natural resources
  • Rule 6AAD & AAE – Agricultural extension project
  • Rule 6AAF & AAH – Skill development project
  • Rule 6AB – Amortisation of preliminary expenses, etc.
  • Rule 6ABA – Provision for bad and doubtful debts
  • Rule 6ABAA – Conditions for being notified as infrastructural facility
  • Rule 6ABBA – Other electronic modes
  • Rule 6DD – Disallowance of cash payment
  • Rule 6DDA & DDB – Speculative transactions – Derivatives
  • Rule 6E – Insurance business – Reserves for unexpired
  • Rule 6EA & EB – Categories of bad or doubtful debts in case of public company
  • Rule 6F – Maintenance of books of account
  • Rule 6G – Report of audit of accounts under section 44AB
  • Rule 6GA – Computation of income by way of royalties,
    etc., in case of non-residents
  • Rule 6H – Computation of capital gains in case of
    slump sale
  • Rule 7 – Income which is partially agricultural and partially from business
  • Rule 7A – Income from the manufacture of rubber
  • Rule 7B – Income from the manufacture of coffee
  • Rule 8 – Income from manufacture of tea
  • Rule 8AA – Capital Assets
  • Rule 8AB – Capital gains, attribution of income taxable under section 45(4) to capital assets remaining with specified entity, under section 48
  • Rule 8AC – Capital gains: Computation of short-term capital gains and written down value under section 50 where depreciation on goodwill has been obtained
  • Rule 8AD – Capital gains, Computation for the purposes of section 45(1B)
  • Rule 8B & 8C – Zero-Coupon Bonds
  • Rule 8D – Method for determining amount of expenditure in relation to income not includible in total income
  • Rule 9A & 9B – Amortisation of expenditure on feature films
  • Rule 9C – Carry forward and set off of accumulated loss and unabsorbed depreciation allowance in case of amalgamation
  • Rule 9D – Provident Fund/Recognised Provident Fund
  • Rule 10 – Determination of income in case of non-residents
  • Rule 10A to 10THD – Transfer Pricing
  • Rule 10DB – Furnishing of report in respect of International Group
  • Rule 10RB – Minimum Alternate Tax
  • Rule 10U to 10UF – General Anti-Avoidance Rules
  • Rule 10V to 10VB – Certain activities not to constitute business connection in India
  • Rule 11A – Deductions to persons with disability or severe disability
  • Rule 11AA – Donation to charitable trusts, etc. requirement for approval of institution of fund under section 80G(5)(vi)
  • Rule 11B – Deduction in respect of rents paid
  • Rule 11DD – Deduction in respect of medical treatment for specified diseases
  • Rule 11EA – Deduction to industrial undertakings located in industrially backward districts
  • Rule 11F to 11-O – National committee for promotion of social and economic welfare
  • Rule 11-OA – Guidelines for notification of affordable housing project as specified business under section 35AD
  • Rule 11-OB – Guidelines for notification of a semi-conductor wafer fabrication manufacturing unit as specified business under section 35AD
  • Rule 11P to 11T – Tonnage Tax Scheme for Shipping Companies
  • Rule 11U & 11UA(1) – Valuation of gifts
  • Rule 11UA(2) – Start-ups
  • Rule 11UAA – Special provision for full value of consideration for transfer of share other than quoted share
  • Rule 11UAB – Determination of fair market value of inventory
  • Rule 11UAC – Prescribed class of persons for the purpose of clause (XI) of the proviso to clause (x) of sub-section (2) of section 56
  • Rule 11UAD – Prescribed class of persons for the purpose of section 50CA
  • Rule 11UAE – Slump Sale
  • Rule 11UB & 11UC – Indirect transfer – Manner of determination of Fair Market Value & reporting requirement for Indian concern
  • Rule 11UD – Income deemed to accrue or arise in India – Threshold for purpose of significant economic presence
  • Rule 11UE & UF – Income deemed to accrue or arise in India – Specified conditions under Explanation to fifth/sixth proviso to Explanation 5 to section 9(1)(i)
  • Rule 12 – Return of income
  • Rule 12A – Preparation of return by authorised representative
  • Rule 12AA – Return of income, signing of
  • Rule 12C – Tax on income received from Venture Capital Companies/Funds
  • Rule 12CA – Business Trust
  • Rule 12CB – Investment Fund
  • Rule 12CC – Securitization Trust
  • Rule 12D – Power to call for information by prescribed Income-tax Authority
  • Rule 12E – Prescribed authority under section 143(2)
  • Rule 12F – Prescribed Income-tax Authority under second proviso to section 142(1)(i)
  • Rule 14 – Inquiry before assessment – Form of verification
  • Rule 14A – Inquiry before assessment – Special Audit
  • Rule 14B – Guidelines for purposes of determining expenses for Special Audit
  • Rule 14C – Faceless assessment: Prescribed manner of authentication of an electronic record under electronic verification code under section 144B(7)(i)(b)
  • Rule 15 – Notice of demand
  • Rule 16 – Avoidance of repetitive appeals
  • Rule 16B – Exemption in respect of remuneration to consultants, etc.
  • Rule 16C – Exemption to Employees’ Welfare Funds
  • Rule 16CC – Audit report to be furnished by certain entities referred to in section 10(23C)
  • Rule 16DD – Free Trade Zones, industrial undertakings in
  • Rule 17 – Exercise of option under section 11
  • Rule 17A & 17B – Application for Registration of Charitable or religious trust etc.
  • Rule 17C – Modes of investment by charitable/religious
  • Rule 17CA – Electoral Trust
  • Rule 17CB – Tax on accreted income of a trust
  • Rule 18AAA – Donations to universities/educational institutions
  • Rule 18AAAAA – Deduction on donations to games/sports associations/institutions
  • Rule 18AB – Furnishing of statement of particulars and certificate under section 80G(5)(viii)/(ix) or under section 35(1A)
  • Rule 18BBB – Deductions to undertakings, hotels, etc.
  • Rule 18BBE – Deduction from profits of certain activities forming part of a Highway Project
  • Rule 18C – Deduction to undertakings operating notified industrial parks
  • Rule 19AB – Deduction in respect of employment of new workmen
  • Rule 19AC – Deduction in respect of royalty income, etc., of authors of certain books other than text books
  • Rule 19AD – Deduction in respect of royalty on patents
  • Rule 19AE – Deduction in respect of certain incomes of Offshore Banking Unit
  • Rule 20 & 20A – Deduction under section 80C(2)(xix) and (xx)
  • Rule 21A – Relief when salary is received in arrears or in advance
  • Rule 21AA – Relief on salary in the case of specified employees
  • Rule 21AB – Tax Residency Certificate for claiming double taxation relief
  • Rule 21AC – Transactions with persons located in notified jurisdictional areas
  • Rule 21AD – Tax on income of certain manufacturing domestic companies
  • Rule 21AE & 21AF – Tax on income of certain domestic companies/new manufacturing domestic companies
  • Rule 21AG – Tax on income of Individuals & HUFs
  • Rule 21AH – Tax on income of certain resident Co-operative societies
  • Rule 21AI – Computation of exempt income of specified fund under section 10(4D)
  • Rule 21AJ – Foreign institutional investor: Determination of income of specified fund attributable to units held by non-residents under section 115AD(1A)
  • Rule 21AJA & 21AJAA – Computation of exempt income of specified fund attributable to the investment banking division of an offshore banking unit for purposes of section 10(4D)/Determination of income of specified fund attributable to investment division of an offshore banking unit under section 115AD(1B)
  • Rule 21AK – Non-deliverable Forward Contracts/offshore derivative instruments or counter derivatives
  • Rule 26 to 37BC – Deduction of tax at source
  • Rule 37C to 37J – Collection of tax at source
  • Rule 29A – Deduction in respect of certain items of receipts from foreign sources
  • Rule 38 – Notice of demand for advance tax
  • Rule 39 – Estimate of advance tax
  • Rule 40B – Minimum alternate tax for companies
  • Rule 40BA – Alternate Minimum Tax for Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Rule 40BB – Tax on distributed income of domestic company for buy-back of shares
  • Rule 42 to 44 – Tax clearance certificate
  • Rule 44C, 44CA & 44D – Settlement Commission
  • Rule 44DA – Settlement Commission: Exercise of option to withdraw application pending before Settlement Commission
  • Rule 44E & 44F – Advance rulings
  • Rule 44G – Mutual Agreement Procedure
  • Rule 45 to 46A – Appeal to Commissioner (Appeals)
  • Rule 47 – Appeal to Appellate Tribunal
  • Rule 49 to 66 – Authorised representative
  • Rule 67 to 81 – Recognised provident funds
  • Rule 82 to 97 – Approved superannuation funds
  • Rule 98 to 111 – Approved gratuity funds
  • Rule 111A & 111AB – Conditions for reference to Valuation Officer
  • Rule 111B – Publication and circulation of Board’s order
  • Rule 112 to 112C – Search and seizure
  • Rule 112D – Requisition of books of account, etc.
  • Rule 112E – Collection of information
  • Rule 112F – Search cases where compulsory reopening of past six years not required
  • Rule 113 – Disclosure of information respecting assessees
  • Rule 114 – Permanent Account Number
  • Rule 114A – Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number
  • Rule 114AA – Tax Collection Account Number
  • Rule 114AAA – Aadhaar Number, Quoting of
  • Rule 114AAB – Permanent Account Number – Class or classes of persons to whom PAN provisions not applicable
  • Rule 114B to 114D – Quoting of Permanent Account Number or Aadhaar number in documents pertaining to certain prescribed transactions
  • Rule 114DA – Furnishing of annual statement by a non-resident having liaison office in India
  • Rule 114DB – Furnishing of information or documents by Indian concern in certain cases
  • Rule 114E to 114H – Obligation to furnish/statement of financial transaction or reportable account
  • Rule 114-I – Annual Information Statement
  • Rule 115 – Rate of exchange for conversion of income in foreign currency
  • Rule 115A – Computation of capital gains on transfer of shares/debentures by non-residents
  • Rule 117B & 117C – Certificate to Tax Recovery Officer
  • Rule 119A – Procedure for calculation of interest
  • Rule 119AA – Acceptance of payment through prescribed electronic modes
  • Rule 121A – Statement by producers of cinematograph films
  • Rule 125 – Electronic payment of tax
  • Rule 126 – Residential status
  • Rule 127 – Service of notice
  • Rule 127A – Authentication of notices and other documents
  • Rule 128 – Foreign Tax Credit
  • Rule 129 – Immunity from prosecution under section 270AA
  • Rule 131 – Electronic furnishing of returns, etc.

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