Oakbridge’s Tax, Constitution and the Supreme Court by Karthik Sundaram

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Oakbridge’s Tax, Constitution and the Supreme Court by Karthik Sundaram – 1st Edition 2022.

Oakbridge’s Tax, Constitution and the Supreme Court by Karthik Sundaram – 1st Edition 2022.

Key Features :

Tax, Constitution and the Supreme Court discusses the fundamental principles of taxation as expounded by the Supreme Court through its judicial pronouncements from 1950 till date in a simple and lucid manner. The second edition of the book incorporates a new chapter on the constitutional aspects of the Goods and Services Tax, and examines the impact of the amendments in Constitution on the concepts of federalism and the demarcation between executive and legislative functions.

The author seeks to trace the evolution of taxation laws in India, which entails an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the constitutional provisions as well as the decisions of the Supreme Court. Presented in thematically arranged chapters, the book delves into the first principles and covers themes including Concept and components of a tax, Legislative power & legislative fields, Territorial jurisdiction, Retrospective taxation, Tax planning versus evasion, and Interpretation of Statutes.

The book will be useful for judges, practitioners, law firms, chartered accountants, tax consultants, academicians, students, and law schools.

Karthik Sundaram is an independent advocate, practicing in the Madras High Court, with over a decade of experience in the field of taxation. He is the founder counsel of Karthik Law Chambers and extensively focuses on Indirect tax litigation and Commercial litigation including Customs, GST, erstwhile Service Tax, VAT, Excise, Trade Policy, Anti-dumping related measures and Arbitration. He has and continues to be involved in various high-stake tax disputes at the Supreme Court, High Court, and Tribunal level for various Fortune 500 companies, large multinational companies, and Indian businesses. He also regularly advises a wide spectrum of companies on a variety of tax related issues including GST.

Karthik has a significant number of articles on taxation to his credit and is a regular speaker at various conferences/seminars across India on the topic of taxation.

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