Political Theory An Introduction

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This leading text provides a concise and broad-ranging introduction to the contemporary study of political theory. Each chapter discusses a cluster of interrelated concepts and examines how they have been used by different thinkers and traditions and explores related debates and controversies. The fourth edition of this highly successful and accessible book has been substantially revised and updated and includes extra attention throughout to non-Western approaches and international political theory.

Systematically covering the foundational concepts that have focused debate from Aristotle, Rousseau, Marx and Mill to the present day, this is essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate courses on political thought and political philosophy. With increased discussion of the global dimensions of political thought it will appeal to an international audience, as well as to those lecturers interested in broadening their students’ horizons.

New to this Edition:
– Increased coverage throughout of non-Western and post-colonial approaches, with Beyond the West features on Islamic, Buddhist, Chinese, Indian, African, Latin American and other traditions
– Takes the blurring divisions between Politics and International Relations into account, for instance through a new chapter on Security, War and World Order
– Thinking Globally boxes, and added discussions of transnationalism and cosmopolitanism
– Additional attention is paid to issues of identity and diversity to address contemporary political developments

Table of Contents

1. What is Political Theory?
2. Human Nature, the Individual and Society
3. Politics, Government and the State
4. Sovereignty, the Nation and Transnationalism
5. Power, Authority and Legitimacy
6. Democracy, Representation and the Public Interest
7. Law, Order and Justice
8. Rights, Obligations and Citizenship
9. Freedom, Toleration and identity
10. Equality, Social Justice and Welfare
11. Property, the Market and Planning
12. Security, War and World Order
13. Tradition, Progress and Utopia
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