Lexis Nexis Law Relating To Infrastructure Projects by Piyush Joshi 2nd Edition, 2003

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Law relating to Infrastructure Projects is a comprehensive reference book for lawyers and individuals and bodies involved in the implementation and fi nancing of infrastructure projects in India. The fi rst part of the book covers the manner in which infrastructure projects can be implemented; identifi es the risks associated with projects and how they are handled in legal documentation, and expounds the generally applicable legal principles such as jurisdiction over infrastructure sectors, liquidated damages, environment, taxation etc. It also provides a discussion on the fi nancing of infrastructure projects and the issues that the Indian legal framework throws up in project fi nancing. The second part of the book deal with the legal framework of specifi c infrastructure sectors of Electricity (covering the impact of the Electricity Act 2003), Telecom, Roads and National Highways, Water, Airports (including the impact of the recent amendment made in 2003 to the Airports Authority of India Act), Natural Gas (including LNG Projects and International Pipeline Projects) and Ports. The third part of the book provides an introduction to the various major documentations required to achieve fi nancial closure of infrastructure projects as well as a discussion on PPAs, Concession Agreements, EPC Contracts, O&M Contracts, Common Loan Agreements, Intercreditor Agreements and Shareholders Agreements. A reference compilation of the various model draft documents drafted by the Government of India is also included. Case law includes the latest judgment of the Supreme Court in the matter of disinvestment of HPCL/BPCL.

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