Law Relating to Intellectual Property by Sreenivasulu N S – 3rd Edition 2023

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Law Relating to Intellectual Property by Sreenivasulu N S – 3rd Edition 2023

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This book is a comprehensive work on the law relating to intellectual property, which covers patents,
copyright, designs, trademarks, trade secrets, geographical indications, semiconductor chips, and
plant varieties. An attempt has been made to present, discuss, debate, analyse, comprehend, and
update the knowledge about the law on various fields of intellectual property. It highlights the
judicial, political, legal, economical and philosophical point of views on the various issues pertinent
to the different fields of intellectual property law. The pattern of coverage includes the highlights
of international as well as the detailed discussion on the domestic front with case law, analysis,
interpretation and presentation. The author has attempted to drive the readers across different
regions such as India, USA, UK and Europe on various issues of intellectual property law. Therefore,
the book is useful for the students, academicians, and scholars from different disciplines including
Law, Science, Engineering, Humanities, Arts, Literature, Drama, Music, corporate employees,
entrepreneur and other fields. It presents a professional and practical approach to the different
fields of IPR alongside analysing the fundamental and foundational issues. Besides, the book is very
informative and knowledge generator to the readers.
Key Features:
• An enlarged edition with all legislative and judicial updates incorporated till June, 2023
• A detailed structure at different levels of Intellectual Property including both national and
International has been made meticulously
• Covers the various sectors of IPR with precision including a comparative study of different
jurisdictions like India, US, Europe, UK and Canada
• Presents professional and practical approach for students, academicians and professionals
from law, business, science, technology, arts and policy
• Court cases covered from at least five different nations

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