The Srinagar Conspiracy A NOVEL By Vikram A. Chandra

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Jalauddin and his men are back in India, and within the next few weeks they will shake you and Kashmir like nothing before.’ With barely three months to go for the American President’s visit to India, Major Vijay Kaul learns of an incredible plot hatched by a rogue faction of the Lashkar-e-Taiba, one of the world’s most lethal terrorist organizations. Afghanistan-trained militant Jalauddin has entered India with only one aim—to destroy any hope of lasting peace in Kashmir. The security forces race against time, trying frantically to foil the plot. But even as they employ their best men and resources to track down Jalauddin, there is something far more sinister brewing—a meticulously planned operation to unleash chaos and bring India to her knees. Highly charged and brilliantly plotted, The Srinagar Conspiracy is the first thriller to be set against the backdrop of the insurgency in Kashmir. Expertly blending fact with fiction, the book describes the rise of militancy in Kashmir over the past decade and a half, and tells the human story of those whose lives were shaped by events beyond their control and whose actions could now decide the fate of the subcontinent.

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