EBC’s Jurisprudence and Legal Theory by V.D. Mahajan


EBC’s Jurisprudence and Legal Theory by V.D. Mahajan – 6th Edition 2022.

EBC’s Jurisprudence and Legal Theory by V.D. Mahajan – 6th Edition 2022.


Justice K. Ramaswamy has described jurisprudence as “the eye of the law giving an insight into the environment of which it is the expression. It relates the law to the spirit of the time and makes it richer.” The study of jurisprudence started with the Romans. The Latin equivalent of ” jurisprudence” is jurisprudential which means either “knowledge of the law” or “skill in law”. There has been a shift during the last century and jurisprudence today is envisaged in an immeasurably broader and more sweeping sense than that in which Austin understood it.

This new edition of V.D. Mahajan’s Jurisprudence dr Legal Theory has been accordingly revised, updated, and enlarged with a lot of Indian case law in order to offer the readers a broad perspective on the subject. This book is an excellent attempt to explain the legal concepts and the theories of law, including its sources, in a simple and understandable language. The author has devoted separate chapters to all important topics, viz., nature & scope of jurisprudence, legislation, precedent, custom, legal rights and duties, ownership and possession, persons and liability, etc, and a new chapter on Feminist Movements. An in-depth study has been made on the nature, scope, classification, and sources of law, including the concept of sovereignty and the administration of justice. An exhaustive index and suggested readings, given separately at the end of each chapter add to the utility of the book.

Table Of Contents:


1. Nature and Scope of Jurisprudence
2. The Nature of Law
3. Kinds of Law
4. Law and Morals
5. State and Sovereignty
6. Administration of Justice
7. Sources of Law
8. Legislation
9. Precedent
10. Custom
11. Legal Rights and Duties
12. Ownership and Possession
13. Persons
14. Title
15. Liability
16. Law of Property
17. Law of Obligations
18. Law of Procedure


19. Analytical Legal Positivism
20. Pure Theory of Law
21. Historical School of Law
22. Philosophical School of Law
23. Sociological School
24. American Realism
25. The Scandinavian Realists
26. Natural Law
27. Feminist Movements — Protection and Enforcement of Women’s Rights


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