Bennion, Bailey and Norbury on Statutory Interpretation with Supplement – 8th Reprint 2023

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Bennion, Bailey and Norbury on Statutory Interpretation with Supplement – 8th Reprint 2023

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Bennion, Bailey and Norbury on Statutory Interpretation is the leading work on statutory interpretation. It provides a clear and comprehensive guide to understanding, interpreting and applying legislation. Regularly used by practitioners and academics, and frequently cited in judgments throughout the common law world, it is a trusted and authoritative resource.

The eighth edition includes a comprehensive account of recent developments, including enhanced coverage of EU-related law in light of Brexit. There is new content on devolved legislation, which has been contributed by subject specialists. The remaining material has also been restructured and rewritten in places, building on the work begun in the previous edition to improve accessibility and enhance the content.

Key Features:

  • comprehensive and up to date account of statutory interpretation
  • logical structure and overviews enable readers to find information quickly
  • each section begins with a succinct summary of legal principles, which is followed by more detailed commentary and analysis
  • extensive examples bring to life the principles discussed in the text

Table of Contents:

Part 1 : General Introduction
Chapter 1??? Introduction and Overview
Part 2 : Acts of Parliament
Chapter 2??? Acts of Parliament
Chapter 3??? Delegated Legislation and Prerogative Instruments
Chapter 4 ?? Acts of the Devolved Legislatures
Chapter 5 ?? Delegated Legislation made by developed authorities
Part 3 : Extent, Commencement, Amendment and Other General Matters
Chapter 6 ?? Extent and Application of Acts
Chapter 7 ?? Commencement Duration and Retrospection
Chapter 8 ?? Amendments, Repeals and Savings
Chapter 9 ?? Compliance with Legislation
Part 4 : Interpretation : General
Chapter 10? Interpretation: Preliminary Matters
Chapter 11? Interpretation ; Key Principles
Chapter 12? Purpose, Mischief and Evasion
Chapter 13? Construction against ‘Absurdity’
Chapter 14? Updating Construction
Chapter 15? Mistakes in Legislation
Part 5 : Analysis of the Legislative Text: Functional Construction and Definitions
Chapter 16? Significance of Different Components of an Act
Chapter 17? Significance of Different Drafting Devices
Chapter 18? Statutory Definitions
Chapter 19? Interpretation Act 1978
Part 6 : Analysis of the Legislative Text: Linguistic Canons of Construction
Chapter 20? Linguistic Canons of Construction; Introduction
Chapter 21? Construction as a Whole
Chapter 22? Construction as a Whole
Chapter 23? Textual Analysis: Other Canons of Construction
Part 7 : External Aids to Construction
Chapter 24? External Aids to Construction
Part 8 : Common Law Context
Chapter 25? Statute and the Common Law
Chapter 26? Interpretative Principles Derived from Legal Policy: General
Chapter 27? Doubtful Penalisation and Statutory Interference with Rights and Liberties
Part 9 : Effect of Eu Law and the Human Rights Act 1998
Chapter 28? European Union Law
Chapter 29? Human Rights
Appendix 1 to 6
Supplementary Table of Statutes
Supplementary Table of Statutory Instruments

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