Lexis Nexis Electronic Evidence in the Courtroom A Lawyer’s Manual

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Did you know that over Ninety percent of the information created in the world today is in pure electronic form? Probably this is the very reason for the fact that today almost in every case that reaches the Indian court, the evidence consists of electronic records. If it’s a Civil Trial it can be an email, CD, DVD, e-Images, Doc files or PDFs; if it’s a matrimonial litigation, it would be social media chats or spyware recordings; in a Criminal Trial it can be CDR, audio or video recordings, transcripts, malwares, logs or CCTV footages or would be ‘webpages’ or ‘access logs’ in the Arbitration or Writ Petition relating to E-auction or an E-transaction or IPR litigations. The electronic evidence has become truly omnipresent.
Unfortunately, in India the discussion of electronic evidence begins with section 658 of Indian Evidence Act, 1872 and ends with it. The impact of section 658 is simply deafening. But any Cyber expert will tell you, how insufficient section 658 is, to deal with the modern-day challenges thrown by E-evidences. What lies beneath this tip of iceberg is the gigantic and complex world of electronic records, waiting to be discovered and decoded.
A lawyer’s ability to interpret, decipher and dissect the electronic evidence can completely change the course of the case. Authored by a leading lawyer, Mr Yuvraj P. Narvankar, gold medallist in Law and listed by ‘Forbes’ as amongst the top independent practitioners in the country, this book is an earnest attempt to enlighten the practitioners from all the fields of law with ultra-practical and legal nuances of electronic evidence in a very simple and lucid language. Decade of experience, research and incessant search of best practices in the
world of electronic evidence, have gone into making this treatise.
This book gives hands-on forensics tools, practical techniques, tricks and tips, court approved formats, precedents and visual illustrations to prove and more importantly to disprove any kind of electronic evidence. This book covers the life cycle of electronic evidence from its acquisition and analysis till its cross examination and final assessment by the judge. The book will be extremely useful to the judges as well as academicians and will be an asset to the libraries and institutions.
Woven around numerous well known and not-so-known judgements of various Indian High Courts and the Supreme Court, this book is extremely practical and capable to equip any lawyer to deal with any kind of the electronic evidence in the trial and situations arising in the world of Internet and that is why is labelled as ‘a lawyer’s manual.
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  1. Ramesh Narayanan

    Absolutely amazing book.,.one of the best I have ever read…

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