Vinod Publication’s Art of Cross Examination by S.P. Tyagi – Updated Edition 2022

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Vinod Publication’s Art of Cross Examination by S.P. Tyagi – Updated Edition 2022.

Vinod Publication’s Art of Cross Examination by S.P. Tyagi – Updated Edition 2022.


The solemn aim of all justice delivery systems universally is discovery and ascertainment of truth and truth alone. Cross-examination is a vital feature of all modern system of evidence. It is most effective of all means and measures for extracting truth and exposing falsehood. Cross-examination strengthens and builds up one’s own case and weakens and demolishes opponent’s version. It is an art and now it has evolved into full fledged science particularly Forensic Science. There is urgent and wide spread need of application of Forensic Science while conducting cross-examination in Civil and Criminal Proceedings.

Part – 1
Chapter 1    –    Introductory Peed [Academic Comments for successful Cross-examination] Chapter 2    –    General Broad Practical Guidelines for Successful Cross-examination
Chapter 3    –    Legal Consequences when Cross-examiner had omitted to Cross-examine on a vital point or points
Chapter 4    –    Importance of Do Nots in Cross-examination
Chapter 5    –    Importance suggestions in cross-examination including legal effects when suggestions are not being put
Part – 2
Chapter 6    –    General Guidelines for Cross-examination of various types of witnesses found in India with their D. N. A.
Chapter 7    –    Cross-examination of non-expert witnesses
Part – 3
Chapter 8    –    Technique of Cross-examination of various witnesses in respect of FIR, G.D., Dying Declaration, Identification Parade, Confessional Statement Case Diaries and Recoveries alongwith Recovery under Section 27 Evidence Act
Part – 4
Chapter 9    –    Art of Cross-examination under Indian Penal Code Cases
Part – 5
Chapter 10  –    Cross Examination in Proceedings under The Family Courts Act, 1984
Part – 6
Chapter 11  –    Cross-examination of witnesses to which prosecution and defence are entitled to cross-examine under I. P. C. and Special Acts Trials
Part – 7
Chapter 12  –    Art of Model Cross-examination of Expert witnesses in Criminal Trial
Part 8
Chapter 13  –    Model Cross-examination under The Arms Act, 1959
Chapter 14  –    Model Cross-examination in cases punishable under The Essential Commodities Act, 1955
Chapter 15  –    Model Cross-examination under The Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006
Chapter 16  –    Model Cross-examination under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985
Chapter 17  –    Cross-examination under (A) The Explosive Substance Act and (B) The Explosive Act cases
Chapter 18  –    Model Cross-examination under The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881
Chapter 19  –    Cross-examination in Civil Cases
Part – 9
Chapter 20  –    Rights and Duties of Courts to Control Cross-examination

Author Details

Shri S.P. Tyagi, M.A. LL.B. was born on 5th April 1939 in Meeait (U.P). His father late Shri Fateh Bahadur Singh was a revenue Advocate. Shri Tyagi an ex-member of U.P. Higher Judicial Service, after serving as judge in various Districts retired as’Additional Director (Training) Judicial Training Research Institute, Lucknow on 30th April 1999. Later, on he served as a Judge/Chairman consumer Forum Ghaziabad for next five years. Shri Tyagi is the only author who has written Voluminous Law books in English and Hindi with equal command. Shri Tyagi has credit of writing Thirty books containing about sixty two thousand pages. His some of the books in English are as under.Law of Evidence (in three Volumes) Criminal Trial Principles of Remand, Bails and Law Relating to hand cuffing Sessions Trial Exper’s Evidence Arms and Explosives Act NDPS Act The Negotiable Instalments Act Law of Maintenance Medical Negligence Supreme Court Digest on Major Criminal Acts (1950-1990) Supreme Court on Criminal Law etc.English books of Shri Tyagi are read with respect in U.S.A., U.K., Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Singapore and Shri Lanka. Shri Tyagi has been honoured by Government of India twice, U.P. State government thrice and once by the Hon’ble High Court of Allahabad for his contribution to Criminal Law Justice Delivery System. Besides, said felicitations Shri Tyagi was presented SCROLL of Honour by International Council of Jurists and All India Bar Association on the occasion of International Conference of Jurists. Hon’ble Smt. Pratibha Patil, President of India graced the function held on 22.11.2009 at New Delhi. Shri Tyagi was further honoured by Hon’ble Chief Justice of India for writing his book. Inherent Jurisdiction of High Court in Criminal cases on 26th November, 2011 in a function organised by the Supreme Court bar Association on Law day..


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