Criminal Investigation – Law & Practice By S.K. Pathak

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Investigation is the first and one of the important steps in administration of criminal justice system and it includes all the proceedings under the Code of Criminal Procedure for collection of evidence conducted by a police officer or by any person (other than a Magistrate) who is authorised by a Magistrate. It plays a vital role to unfold the crime and criminal also.

Issues discussed

Dividing the work into eleven chapters the whole gamut of the subject is presented aptly in a systematic manner within a short campus. An in-depth study has been made of all the important issues relating to the subject with the help of the pronouncements of the apex court and different High Courts. The work discusses the provisions of: agencies of investigation, right of arrestee, custodial violence, bail and remand, scientific developments and criminal investigation, victims’ rights during investigation, power of Magistrate, etc. that complete the circle of the subject.

Critical and analytical study

The instant work seeks to present a lucid exposition of law relating to criminal investigation which forms the bedrock of criminal justice system in India. The book provides critical and analytical insights into the subject of seminal importance. Apart from dealing with different aspects of law relating to criminal investigation, right from putting the criminal law into motion to submission of the charge-sheet, the book also covers a number of core issues that touch upon the investigative process very often and attempts to provide the best suitable answers based upon the statutory and judicial authorities.

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