Unjust Enrichment by Goff & Jones -Tenth Edn 2022 (Sweet & Maxwell)


Goff & Jones is the leading work on the law of unjust enrichment. Successive editions have played a major role in establishing the central importance of the subject for private and commercial lawyers and developing its key concepts and principles. The text is comprehensive in coverage and written by highly respected scholars who explain all of the rules governing claims in unjust enrichment and discuss how these have been applied through detailed examination of the case-law. The book is frequently cited in courts throughout the Commonwealth and continues to signpost future developments in the field.

Key Features:

  • Analyses and explains the theory, principles and practical application of unjust enrichment
  • Shows how the rules are applied by the courts through detailed discussion of caselaw
  • Organised in accordance with the precepts established by senior appellate courts, examining in turn: when claims are barred because the defendant’s enrichment is justified by a legal ground; when a defendant is enriched; when the enrichment is acquired at a claimant’s expense; when the enrichment is unjust, what defences may be available, and what remedies may be awarded
  • Combines lucid explanation of theoretical concepts with practical advice about pleading, etc
  • Heavily relied on by practitioners and frequently cited in court
  • Written by a well-known and highly regarded team of subject experts


The new 10th Edition is completely up-to-date and contains detailed discussion of important decisions since the last edition. Several chapters have been wholly or substantially rewritten to take account of significant new cases, and their impact on topics including the recovery of benefits from remote recipients, the recovery of benefits transferred on a condition that fails, the recovery of ultra vires payments by public bodies, the limitation rules governing claims in unjust enrichment and interest awards on such claims.

The 10th edition deals with the following six key matters in relation to making a claim:

  • Explains how a claim in unjust enrichment can be precluded where a defendant’s enrichment is mandated by a statute, judgment, natural obligation, or contract
  • Analyses the principles governing the identification and valuation of enrichment, and explains how these apply to claims for different types of benefit
  • Considers the requirement that a defendant’s gain has been acquired at the claimant’s expense
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