Prem & Chaturvedi Law of Writs and Other Constitutional Remedies (Set of 2 Vols.)- 5th Edition

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This Fifth revised and enlarged edition of the work has been revised and rewritten by the celebrated author who has to his credit over two dozen books on law, a number of which are on subjects of constitutional law.

Unlike other books on writs, which deal with writ remedies provided by articles 32, 226 and 227 only, the present work is an exhaustive treatise not only on these articles but also on articles 132,133,134,134A, 135,136,137, etc.

All Supreme Court cases from 1950 to date have been exhaustively dealt with under a large number of subject-headings and sub-headings with cross-references between subject-headings provided. Cases prior to 1950 and a large number of foreign cases also referred.
Over 9,500 judgments, mostly of the Supreme Court, referred. Judgments involving more than one law point cited at more than one place, resulting in over 17,000 references to judgments.

Parallel citations of maximum number of Law Reports provided for ease of reference to the particular Law Report available with the reader.

Special Chapters devoted to each type of writ, i.e., habeas corpus, certiorari, mandamus, prohibition and quo warranto, each one of which has been dealt with elaborately.

A special Chapter: The Homily on Human Rights, having a bearing on writ jurisdiction, given.

A useful Chapter on Practice and Procedure provided.

Model forms of writ petitions, PILs, SLPs, etc., most of which have been drawn from actual petitions filed in the High Courts/Supreme Court, provided to add to the utility of the book.

Relevant extracts from various High Court Rules and the Supreme Court Rules, Supreme Court Practice and Procedure, etc., provided.

Table of Cases referred to in the book provided.

An exhaustive Subject Index provided at the end to enable the reader to quickly reach the point he is searching for.

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