AIR -Cheque Dishonour Reports Digest (2011 – 2021) by Manohar and Chitaley

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AIR -Cheque Dishonour Reports Digest (2011 – 2021) by Manohar and Chitaley
We are very happy to present the revised edition of AIR Cheque Dishonour Reports Digest containing case law for the period 2011 to 2021 on cases pertaining to “Dishonour of Cheque”. The response received from the Legal Fraternity and our Esteemed Patrons for our earlier edition on the same title encouraged us in revising and updating this publication up to 2021.
The law on Dishonour of Cheque enshrines the governing principles which Courts need considering and adjudicating complaints of Dishonour of Cheque. Facts and situations differ in most f the cases and as such they assume great importance for the readers in searching supportive case law. Apart from procedural aspects, the law on Dishonour of Cheque has also evolved upon basic principles laid down in various judgments.
Case Law covered herein is from the period 2011 when the journal AIR Cheque Dishonour Reports was introduced up to 2021. It also contains full text of Negotiable Instruments Act, (26 of 1881), along with the Table showing stages of trial commencing from accrual of cause of action to the pronouncement of judgments, which we feel will be of practical use to the readers of this publication. A new feature included in this publication which enhances the utility and uniqueness of this publication is the insertion of Precedents – Judicial History. Wher ever available, we have included the precedential history of various citations included in this publication as regards where they have been Relied, Referred, Overruled etc. This is very crucial information required by all in best research and application of the information required.
The AIR Cheque Dishonour Reports Digest, 2011 – 2021 covers more than 7,400 case laws which has been broadly covered in the under mentioned three Chapters – Chapter 1- Dishonour of Cheque, (N. I. Act Section 138 to 148) Chapter 2- Applicability of other Provisions of N. I. Act
• Chapter 3 – Applicability of Provisions of other Statutes. The contents of the each Chapter are further divided into different synoptical headings and each synoptical note is arranged for most accurate and pin-pointed search of required case law. As the law governing the subject matter is essentially based on facts and circumstances, orientation of this publication is also based on topics of facts. In appropriate cases, peculiar facts of the cases are given where such facts assume importance in the verdict of case and which would be useful to the readers while searching required case law on similar facts. We hope that the new features included in this publication are of great service to the Legal Frater nity and we invite your valuable suggestions and comments for further improving the same.
This preface would be incomplete without recognising the efforts of those who have put in their heart and soul in compiling this publication. We offer this publication the revised edition of AIR Cheque Dishonour Reports Digest, 2011 – 2021 in the service of the Members of the Bench and the Bar and hope that this publication, as all our other publications, will be received with the same warmth and affection.

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